NumberJet VTM Inkjet Numbering Machine

NumberJet VTM Inkjet Numbering Machine

Auto Pro Plus Numbering Machine

High Speed, High Production. Waterfall Continious bottom friction feed InkJet Numbering, Barcoding, Variable Data, Addressing, Batch Counting (optional). Plus Much More... Perfect for folder and envelope printing.


NumberJet VTM Inkjet Numbering Machine Features:

    • Forward
    • Backward
    • Skip
    • Repeat
    • Roll Over

    • Up to 2” numbers
    • Mirror Image
    • Multiple Fonts and Sizes
    • Bar Codes
    • Date & Time Stamp
    • Variable Data
    • Unlimited Character Length Combine (Static & variable numbers.)

    • Numbering: 8 1/2 x 11”, 8 up to 25,000 sph.
    • Perforating/Scoring: 8 1/2 ” x 11”, up to 30,000 sph.

    • Up to 4 Print Heads on one controller. Expandable to 2 controllers. 8 pens for 4" of total coverage.
    • Unlimited counters (numbering positions) available
    • Numbers can print within 1/10” of each other.

    The side register with ball guidance is mounted above a wide transport bell and positioned according to the paper size. An independent micro screw allows for adjustment and exact alignment of your score and perfline.

NumberJet VTM Inkjet Numbering Machine Video:

NumberJet VTM Inkjet Numbering Machine Specifications:

    • Electrical: 115/60hrz/20A or 230/50hz/20A Verify upon ordering.
    • Max Sheet size: 18” x 20 ” (45cm x 45cm)
    • Min Sheet size: 3” x 5” (8cm x 12cm)
    • Stock Weights: 16lb. - 16 point


    Output speeds on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet up to 20,000 sheets per hour.

NumberJet VTM Inkjet Numbering Machine Warranty:

  • Count warrants each new machine against defective parts and workmanship. One year warranty on electrical and mechanical parts.

NumberJet VTM Inkjet Numbering Machine Brochure:

Numberjet VTM InkJet Numbering Machine

The NumberJet VTM Inkjet offers a user friendly attitude and flexability. It's ideal for shops doing a multitude of jobs and who require automatic feeding. This Air fed 18" wide unit is designed to do high-quality numbering and is easily operated by anyone in your shop.

The NumberJet VTM Inkjet has a sleek design and takes up little space in your shop.

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